What Is The Best Book Marketing Strategy?

BookMarketingEvery Self Publishing knows that writing and publishing books isn’t the end of the game when it comes to been an author.

After A Self Publishing Author have taken the pain and the stress of writing a book and getting the book out there through the many Self Publishing Medium out there, the dream of everyone is seeing many buying and reading such book.

When it comes to book marketing, many self publishing authors got struck as to how to market and promote their book. Ask any Indie Authors especially new and un established author their greatest fear and that would surely be the fear of having nobody to buy and read their books and if there is any question many Self Publishing Authors always ask without getting a satisfying answer to is the question of “how do I market and promote my book”.
To such questions are many answers like getting reviews, using social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, Having a book launch or a blog tour to create buzz about a particular book and many common book marketing strategies like that but still, many Self Publishing Authors still find it difficult to follows all these ways of promoting and marketing books all because they are still yet to know the best book marketing strategy among all these many diverse ways to promote and market self published books.

The question now is – What Is The Best Book Marketing Strategy?

Before answering such a question, we need to look into why self publishing authors are asking such question.

There are many book marketing advise, book and information online with many book marketing experts giving their opinion of the how they think self published book can be promoted online based solely on what works and what has worked for them now or in the past.

A trip to Google to search for such questions as What Is The Best Book Marketing Strategy will definitely return lots of searches contain links to multitude of book marketing information, advice and strategies but the problem is that these usually cause what can be called “Information Overload” whereby there are too much of information that self publishing authors get confused on what to do and which way to follow among all these numerous book marketing strategies.

Many even will want to know which of these book marketing information and strategies that is better than the rest but what every self publishing authors should know is that self publishing can be such a crazy world and in it, where we have book marketing, there are many ways to arrive at one single destination and that should tell everyone that there can be no best or better way to market and promote books online – that is, social media marketing can’t be said to be a better book marketing way than getting reviews and can’t also be a better way to book marketing than building a blog or having an author platform.

The truth is that someone might only trust getting book reviews as a way of creating buzz and getting a social proof to sell book all because that has worked in the past for such author and another might love the fun and trills of using Twitter and Facebook to build a large audience base of loyal book reader and buyer all because such author enjoy using these social media networks making it a successful and workable book marketing strategy for such author but can we because of these say using social media networks and getting lots of book reviews are the best book marketing strategies?

The lesson here for all self publishing authors is that everyone should find what works for them and stop been confused on what to do or which way to go. There is nothing bad in Self Publishing experimenting with a particular way of promoting books based on what is convenient or what we all love doing to see how it goes rather than looking for the best advice on the best way to go and trying to copy what someone have found to work.

What works for one author might not work for another author. Every self publishing author should remember this and go out there to find what not only works for them but what also is fun to do for them. After all, there might be no better way to market and promote self published books than the method every self publishing author has find out to be the best that works for them.

Do you think there is any book marketing strategy that is the best among all the many ways to promote and market a self published book? If so what is it?

Kindly leave your comment and answer to these questions in the comment box below.

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