What Is The Cost Of Self Publishing Your Book?

WhatIsTheCostOfSelfPublishingYourBook Gone are the days when all it takes to publish a book and become an author is to go through the hassles Traditional Publishing – from finding and agent to getting a book deal and to the wait for book royalty payment. But such is a thing of the past as anyone can now practically become an author thanks to the wonder of Self Publishing in both print book and eBook, a world made possible by the likes of Amazon, Lulu, Kobo, Lightening Source, Smashwords and many more Self Publishing platforms like that.

But is Self Publishing really expensive or cheap and can everyone be a Self Publishing Author?

To answer that question, let’s look at what cost are practically associated with Self Publishing for us to see if anyone can be A Self Publishing Author.

Book Writing : This is the first stage of the entire Self Publishing Process. What does it cost to write a book?
Authors don’t need much to write a book, just from the common pen and notepad to the easy to use and common Microsoft Word for typing your book manuscripts. All of these tools are without any cost. But if you like to go the Savvy way of using Scrivener to enjoy much better book writing and formatting usage, then you need to spend around $40.

So in total, you can write a book with $0 or might decide to spend 40 cool bucks on Scrivener.

Total Cost: $0 or $40

Book Formatting and Editing: If you decide to go the Do It Yourself (DIY) route, then formatting can be done by using the common Microsoft Word and converting to PDF can also be free with free PDF Softwares like PDF995 and DoPdf.And for book formatting to various eBook format, Scrivener might come handy, going for something in the region of $40.

For editing, if you can get someone to help you with proofreading your book, then that should cost you nothing but if you can’t, then you can go for paid book editing and that might cost you some bucks as well.
So in total, for book formatting and editing:
Total Cost: From $0 to $100 or more depending on what you want and the size of your wallet.

Publishing Unless you don’t have the time to spare to publish your book requiring your to hire someone to help publish your book, publishing your book on the various Self Publishing platforms is free of any cost, all it cost you is the 30 minutes you need to upload your book online and that is all.

So, in total, for book publishing:
Total Cost: $0

Book Marketing This is another important aspect of Self Publishing and this aspect of Self Publishing is a broad and diverse one. You can get a single answer as to ways to market your book online. But for the sake of this post, let’s look at the common and most important branches of book marketing for self publishing authors.

Social Networking – All social media network are free to use.name it – Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest and many more, all are free to use. The only cost for using all these social media networks is your time.

So for Social Media Network for Self Publishing Authors:

Total Cost: $0 and Your Time

Blogging – WordPress is the best blogging platform no doubt about that. WordPress is free but hosting (Self Hosting Blog is the best) isn’t free and will cost between $2 to $6 a month depending on the hosting company you use online.

So for Blogging:

Total Cost: $2 to $6 a month
What is The Cost Of Self Publishing?

It takes you next to nothing but your time and effort to Self Published a book as an author. But sometimes you might need to spend some amount to get your book published. This amount ranges from the fee you need to spend if you are engaging the service of a book formatting, book cover, editing and proofreading expert. But if you can do all these by yourself, and then you need next to $0 to get your book Self Published as a writer. With this, the only money you might need to spend is for ordering a proof copy of your published book in print if you are Self Publishing your book in Print from CreateSpace.com but with an eBook, the price is $0!

Below is the summary of what cost me to have my first book published in Print by Createspace.


What other costs have you incur in your Self Publishing journey?

Leave your comment and views in the comment box below.

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