You might be wondering what travelling does have to do with how to sell your books, but never mind.

In this podcast, I will be showing you what you can learn about how to sell more of your books from my two- weeks ‘unplug from work’ travel trips across my native country – to have some fun away from work.

But before that, I have always loved authors who have an experimental mind with regards to book marketing. Both for my book and that of my author clients, I always like trying out new ideas as well as blending ideas together to have what I will call idea sex.

I’m welcoming you to the first Episode of Season 1 of Authors Crib Podcast and in this first episode of the first session of the podcast , I talked about 5 lessons you can learn from my recent “unplug” travelling just to spend time away from work and how you can use those lessons to sell more of your books.

I was so nervous to hit the record button for this first episode as I’ve always tried to start a podcast to run together with this blog but seems the time is now and I’m very curious to know what you feel about the episode – I will love to hear from you in the comment box.

I will love to do this every week as well as bringing bestselling authors on the podcast to share their success stories so you can learn one or two tips from their writing and book-marketing journey to help you become a better authors and sell more of your book.

Download the audio file for this episode (just right click and “Save As”)

If you love to read instead of listening to this episode, you can download the transcript of this episode by clicking the link below.

Download the transcript of this episode (just right click and “Save As”)

See you next week for another episode of the podcast.


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