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Learn the secret to creating an author and publishing business by finding and writing books on topics that have hungry buyers waiting for books to buy on Amazon and other online bookstore online.

Setup your business once and watch it grows to a source of income you will be happy to call yours.

Learn All You Need To Create An Author Business That Delivers Cashflow To Your Bank Account


Module 1 : Introduction

  1. Introduction to the Program
  2. An Overview of The Author Business Cashflow System
  3. The Media Publishing Business Mindset
  4. Tools Of The Trade

Module 2 : Preparation - Before You Write

  1. What You Need To Do Before You Write Any Book
  2. Ways You Can Position Your Book Differently from Competitors

Module 3 : Preparation: Before Publishing

  1. Factors That Can Make or Break Your Book Sales Performance
  2. How To Find The Right Keyword The Manual and Automated Ways
  3. Smart Hacks To Get Your Books into More Categories After Publishing
  4. Book Cover Tips You Need To Know
  5. How To Write Your Book Description For More Conversion
  6. How To Enhance Your Book Description

Module 4 : Preparing to Build Your Email List

  1. Why You Need To Build An Audience and a List
  2. Tools You Need
  3. Your Lead Magnet
  4. How To Use Your Book As A List Building Machine

Module 5 : Building Your Email List with A Permafree Book On Amazon

  1. Why Free Isn’t a Bad Idea And How You Can Use The Power Of FREE To Build Your Email List, Your Audience and Also Sell Your Books
  2. How To Make Your Book Permanently Free on Amazon

Module 6 : Building Your Email List Using Facebook Ads

  1. Facebook Ads Tips and Hacks You Need To Know
  2. One Simple Hack To Spy On Your Competitor’s Ads And How To Model Your Own According To What Is Already Working.
  3. Getting Familiar With The Facebook Business Manager And Necessary Facebook Ads Lingos You Should Know
  4. Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign for Building Your List

Module 7 : Using Amazon Ads To Sell Your Book

  1. Why You Need To Pay Attention To Amazon Ads
  2. The Challenges You Might Face With Amazon Ads and What To Do About Them
  3. Creating an Amazon Ads for Your Book Using Various Proven and Tested Automatic And Manual Placement Startegies

Module 8 : Blogging Your Way into More Readers, Subscribers and Book Sales

  1. What Blogging Is Your Ally
  2. How To Create and Start a Blog if You Don’t Have One
  3. How to Find and Write Your First 5 Pillar Post
  4. Type of Posts You Can Write On Your Blog
  5. The 3 Best Way To Get Traffic To Your Author Blog
  6. How To Blog Your Books
  7. How To Sell Your Books For a Higher Price on Your Blog

Module 9 : Earning More From Your Books

  1. Why You Should See Yourself As a Media Publisher and not an Author And How That Can Help You Earn More.
  2. Publishing Your Book Beyond Amazon.
  3. Creating High Ticket Priced Courses, Coaching Programs, and Done For You Services And Using Your Books To Sell Them
  4. How To Reinvest Back into Your Book Business.
  5. One Simple But Effective Hacks To Earn More From Your Book Royalties on Amazon and Other Online Bookstores – This Hack Alone Will Save You A Lot Of Money That Won’t Go Into Your Account Normally


Here Are What My Past Students and Clients Have To Tell You

Mayowa’s course was easy to follow and gave me all the basics I needed to set up my publishing platform. His style is warm and approachable and I feel like he can be a good mentor and advocate for me in my publishing journey.

Andrew Stotz

Award-winning financial analyst, and author.

Mayowa, you’re AMAZING. You must be natural, writing so much and coaching at the same time with so much passion. Thank you so much.

Ivy Green

Amaerican Author

You did an AMAZING JOB! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Very fast, very helpful, and very thorough.

This would have been a very difficult process, but you did this great work for me and helped me focus on getting my book published.

Joseph Snider

Author of the book “Love Me Right or Not At All”


Here are answers to some questions you might love to ask.

What is the program all about

In this program, I will walk you through the Author Business Cashflow System in which you will learn:

  1. How to figure out the right book to write that gives you more leverage to selling. This is a mistake I made when I started – writing books just because I care but not finding out if there is a demand for them.
  2. How to place your book rightly on Amazon to improve your chance of selling
  3. How to use the right ads system to generate a constant flow of book sales with just some few minutes of work maintenance once in a while
  4. How to use your books to build a following and how to leverage those following to generate more income now and later.
  5. How to earn more from your books apart from publishing them. You will learn one simple hacks that will save you a lot of money in earnings from your book royalties.
  6. How to use the power of blogging to build an audience and an email list as well as sell your books for higher prices from your blog.
  7. One simple mindset you need to adopt to take your publishing business to a higher earning level.
  8. How to utilize the power of FREE to build your audience, get leads for your products and services as well as build your email list and sell more of your books.
  9. All the tools you need that will save you time and bring in more results for you.
What Do I Get?

You Will Get 44 video lesson and 2 text lessons spread across 9 Modules.

You can watch the video lessons at your own conviniency.

Who Is The Program For?

Author Business Cashflow Bootcamp is meant for you if:

  1. You are just starting out as an author and need to learn what you need to know about the business of writing, publishing and selling your book successfully.
  2. You plan to have a passive cashflow source of income and publishing books seems like something that you love doing.
  3. You are already an author with published books but plans to learn how to sell more of your books and build an audience around your books.
What If I Love To Ask You A Question?


I love questions.

If you have a question, feel free to mail me at Mayowa(at)AuthorsCrib(dot)com

What If I Don't Like The Program?

That’s no problem.

If within 30 days, you don’t get any value from the program, you are covered by my 100% no question asked money back guarantee.

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