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Should You Pay To Market And Promote Your Books?

Do you have a book marketing budget for your books and wondering if you should pay to promote and sell your books?

Find answers to this question as well as one paid book promotion channel you can use to get your books out there.


Marketing your Novel: Prepare in Advance!

Marketing a fiction book is very different from marketing a no fiction book and it seems that non-fiction authors have quite more resources, channels and platforms to sell books than fiction authors but in this post, fiction writers and authors will find a wealth of knowledge on marketing fiction books.

 Launching your books marketing & publicity campaign

The more than 300,000 books published worldwide each year are all clamoring for a lot of attention and publicity.

Before  you start a marketing campaign, you must be able to answer this most important question: Who is the target market for your book? Remarkably, some authors are stumped when I ask this. And the sad part is, they’ve already written their books!

If you cannot identify the target market with precision, you won’t know where to spend most of your marketing efforts and money. Here are 9 ways to launch your book


 The Best Book Marketing Advice Ever?

Two great free resources authors can use to help sell more books.

A brilliant talk by Simon Sinek of several years ago and for authors who are struggling to find more readers, his 18-minute presentation may contain the most valuable marketing and branding advice that I’ve yet encountered.

After you have done that, then study bestselling fantasy author Michael J. Sullivan’s PowerPoint presentation on branding, which he delivered at the Writer’s Digest annual conference in New York City in early August 2014. Michael builds on what Sinek says, applying it directly to authors.

Trust me: If you grasp the principles discussed in these two presentations, they could change your entire attitude, approach about marketing—, and vastly improve the results you are getting. For me, the presentations have definitely caused me to reconsider my approach to “finding my target audience,” and you should keep that in mind as you consider my past tips on that topic.


Pinterest for Authors: Creative Ways to Promote Your Book

I learned the biggest problem for authors isn’t finding ideas for their next book, it is how do I sell it once it is written.  Maybe you have a well-known publisher handling your public relations, but every publisher wants to know how big is your social media influence?  They expect you to contribute to the marketing efforts to promote your work.  As an author, you need to understand how to promote your book so here are some simple ideas to influence readers on Pinterest


What Makes Readers Decide to Purchase Self-Published Books?

One author decided to ask readers and writers representing different fiction genres, including crime, fantasy, and general fiction, what made them buy self-published books. They, and others who talk about reading and writing online, were asked what factors influenced them most when buying books – particularly self-published books and any other books which aren’t pushed by the major houses.

The results are quite interesting. Learn about book discoverability as well as what gets people to buy a book once it’s already in front of them


7 Tips to Mellow You in Your Daunting Book Marketing Plan

Whether you’re writing a book or have received a contract, is marketing your book a heavy cloud hovering over your head? Here are 7 Tips to Help Calm You

Just For Fun

Do you have a marketing plan for your book? Image courtesy of debspoons at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Do you have a marketing plan for your book?
Image courtesy of debspoons at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Should You Pay To Market And Promote Your Books?

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