June 2012 was my last month working at a job.

Eight months before then, I got my dream job in just two weeks and life seems to be the best I’ve ever wanted until I got bored of my daily cubicle routine and vowed never to have a job again.

My savings dried up after my first business collapsed even before I started it.

And then one day, I stumbled on Jonna Penn’s Creative Penn Podcast and got to know about self-publishing.

I devoured over 200 hours of her podcast on double speed in just a week.

I got something to do after months of having nothing to do after my last job.

I wrote my first three books in just two weeks. I did everything wrong and my books are so bad.

I was the editor (English isn’t my first language), the formatter, copywriter, proofreader and even the cover designer.

My First Three Books - I Even Used A Pseudonym.

My First Three Books – I Even Used A Pseudonym.

Almost a year after trying lot of marketing strategies I has picked up online, I sold just 4 copies of my books.

Then I keep finding answers to my book marketing nightmares.

I then created a blog called The Savvy Indie to document my self-publishing journey.

A year after, I got nobody to read my blog. I was writing crap.

But I was writing a book then and it happened, my book was endorsed by two top motivational bloggers and my book – Life Hacking made it to top of three categories on Amazon.

I became an Amazon best-selling author!

My Best Selling Book - Life Hacking. Really, that book is begging for my attention after years of it making it to the Amazon best selling list.

My Best Selling Book – Life Hacking. Really, that book is begging for my attention after years of it making it to the Amazon best selling list.

And that little success gave me the motivation to re-brand my The Savvy Indie blog to what is now today known as Authors Crib.

I joined the Linkedin bandwagon, spent most times of my days on Goodreads sharing the little I was learning and what has been working for me and then results keep coming.

Authors started coming to me for answers and some even asked me to do what I was talking about for them.

I got my first client…$1200 in my bank account!

Then my first real book marketing test outside of my own books started.

Then I got another client. Then another and then another and then another client.

I started a weekly podcast – The Authors Crib Podcast despite all odds of not having the best voice and accent but I still got many top self-publishing experts as guest and my podcast made it to the new and noteworthy section of iTunes – ranking on top of many podcasts by top marketing and business experts.

My Authors Crib Podcast Made It To The New and Noteworthy weeks after launching it

My Authors Crib Podcast Made It To The New and Noteworthy weeks after launching it

More clients came.

My bank account was smiling but….

I was not fulfilled!

I struggled to keep Authors Crib going for months but my mind wasn’t responding to what my hands are doing.

Then in June 2015, I stopped working on AuthorsCrib.com, took weeks off to relax and think of what I am to do next.

Nothing came after weeks of just waking up and trying to find a way to do nothing.

Then a friend introduced me to the freelancing world.

I started off of Fiverr.com but got no client for months.

My bank account keeps running low and I was getting uneasy with my inability to find something that is working for me out of all I was trying then.

Then my first Fiverr client came..$4 was my return on investment for a two hour work on someone else’s book.

Freelancing started working and paying my bills and Authors Crib keep begging me for attention.

Then I was stricken with a severe back pain that rendered me sick and weak for months. It was very difficult for me to stand up and even walk.

I have to take months off work to rest and get better.

But I am back on my feet now.

Once in a while, I keep getting emails from authors who want me to work on their books but I am bad at replying back. I keep ignoring emails like that.

Freelancing is working for me, I was making cool bucks off Fiverr and other freelancing ecosystem.

In April 2016, I got my first car and I later got into Network Marketing.

I made over 300% profits from that business but it wasn’t just what I am suited for and I quit!

Day in day out, I keep getting referrals from friends to work with authors who are either trying to get a book written, published or launched.

I turned down most of these offers but worked with few friends to launch their books with good successes.

2017 came and something keep telling me self-publishing and even talking about it is my sweetheart but my many business experiments keep eating away my time.

But after almost three years of writing my last blog post on Authors Crib, I was motivated to start all over again and build this website to be a resource pool for would be and published authors to get the best of writing, publishing and marketing tips, strategies and information.

That was my goal on day one of starting AuthorsCrib.com but I am poised to get back to keeping the flame of that goal burning.

Despite not doing anything on this blog for years, I have worked with over 700+ authors as a freelancer to write, format and publish their books but I know I am to do more than just being a freelance self-publishing experts.

What I Am Up To Now and What You Should Expert

After three years of seeing off Authors Crib 1.0 three years ago, I am super stoked to start the journey of Authors Crib 2.0

And here is what you should expect from Authors Crib 2.0:

  1. Authors Crib Podcast will be back! : It was fun running this podcast years ago but I lost it before hitting episode 20. I knew better now and I am more better than when I started this podcast. So expect to get version 2.0 of Authors Crib.

More interviews with authors who are doing better things with their author career will be coming your way.

And I will be having a Q&A segment in all new episode of the podcast.

You can send in your question by sending me an email to mayowa@authorscrib.com or you can send me a SMS to my number (806) 513-2285 (you can add +1 if you outside the US)

  1. Weekly episode or Authors Crib Digest in your inbox.

Every Monday morning, you will receive a roundup of the best of writing, publishing and marketing tips, strategies and insights across the web – without the fluffs in your inbox.

I did something similar to this before with my Friday Authors Crib Roundup some years ago and it was well received. You can see what that looks like.

Authors Crib Digest is version 2.0 of this weekly roundups and this enough is more value for you for been a loyal subscribers over these years.

  1. I will be digging the web to unearth authors who are getting it right and feature their story as a case study.

Expect great stuffs like that from me from time to time.

  1. After publishing my last book in 2014, I am about writing and publishing two books this year but my goalsfor writing and publishing these books are different now.

I don’t need to care much about making money from book sales but much of my attention and goals will be towards using my books as a launching pad for my new author service agency.

The days of focusing on book sales for non-fiction books is gone if you haven’t heard about that. The money now is in the back-end and not in the book front-end.

I will be documenting everything I will be doing with those two new books from writing to publishing and launching.

So watch out for that.

But Why Write This Post Anyway?

I almost ended this post before I asked myself that same question.

But in to be real with myself, this post is meant to commit myself into making sure I did what I planned to do over the coming days, weeks, months and years.

I have to make myself accountable to my blog readers and subscribers and detailing what happened then and what I planned doing now will be a great way to that.

So What Next? 

Lot has happened since I started this blog in 2013 and till date, this is one of my best creations in my five years of living the freedom lifestyle and walking the entrepreneurial path.

I made many mistakes back then but I am much better informed and prepared now to do the right thing and build a better brand and blog out of this.

Just like every endeavor in life and business, this is going to be fun and worth it at the end.

And if you are reading this right now, then my big thank you goes to you for having that faith in me to even read through to this sentence.  I really appreciate your time and I won’t take that for granted once again.

And for my loyal subscribers who read through this from my first email in years, I can’t thank you enough for giving me that second chance at delivering what I promised the day you opted in to join my email list.

And if you are not on my email list, hop in here to receive weekly episode of Authors Crib Digest – a curated round-ups of the best book publishing, marketing and writing tips, strategies and information across the web – without the fluffs

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