Most authors struggle with marketing and selling of their book, and one major common problem authors, especially indie authors, face is how to sell more books.

But really, is marketing and selling of books all that hard?

The answer to this question might seem dicey and not a straight forward issue, but the reality is that with social media, authors have never had it so easy to sell their books, build their author platform, as well as connect and interact with their target audience.

From the power of the “Facebook For Authors”  – Goodreads to the massive platform offered by Twitter to the low barrier to entry marketing tools and avenues offered by Facebook, there have never been an easy route for authors to sell more books and get seen like it has been today.

Surely, there are many ways that authors can use to sell more books, and you are only limited by what you think is possible in terms of book marketing strategies, but the truth is that some ways are more difficult and time consuming for some who might never have the luxury of the time required to make all these work before seeing the necessary results needed, and this takes us to asking the question of what is really the best way to market book today without tying much in terms of time and maybe money if we consider the fact that most indie authors today are operating from a tight budget purse?

In this post, I will be dealing with how authors can take advantage of the power of Facebook marketing to sell more books and been seen in front of readers as well.

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Why Facebook Marketing:

Really, to anyone who is really familiar with Facebook (we are according to what the stats are saying about the popularity and the amount of time an average adult spends on Facebook daily),this social media network might never seem like the best for authors to use as a tool in marketing and selling more books, and if we are talking about what really seem like the best social media network for authors, Goodreads, Twitter, Shelfari, Google Pluse, then maybe Pinterest would come first in the scheme of things, but things are changing just as the folks at Facebook are rolling out varying useful marketing channels and tools to help anyone leverage on the vast number of user data and information available at the disposal of Facebook in which there have never been a laser targeted advertising and marketing channel in today’s world other than Facebook Ads Marketing.

Today, ask anyone who follow Facebook and Social Media Experts like Amy Porterfield,Mari Smith, Jon Loomer, and Andrea Vahl, you will know how much of success these guys are having in their various business using mostly the power of Facebook Marketing.
But ask me why should I care about looking unto Facebook and all it has to offer as the next book marketing weapon I should use today to take my writing and authorship to the next level, then I will tell you why Facebook makes a lot of sense for authors today:

With Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing, it has now become possible for authors to get powerful book marketing results from the biggest social media site. Here, I take a look at some of the most exciting facts about Facebook Ads Marketing that highlight the possibilities of Facebook advertising for book marketing.


  1. Customized Targeting

Every author writes in a particular niche or book category. With Facebook Ads Marketing Campaign, authors can advertise to a specific group of book readers according to the niche they write about, and with this, there is a good chance of getting more eyeballs and a high number of valuable visitors on their author website or book sales page. General social media posts and messages for authors most time do not have much impact because they are not targeted. You can target your Facebook advertisements very precisely.

If you write about vampires, you can target your Facebook Ads campaign at users on the basis of their specific interests like vampires as well as other metrics like relationship status, gender, location, and several other factors! This means that whether you go for cost per click or paid impressions, you are bound to get valuable and interested readers on your author website or book page on a third party book selling platform like Amazon.

FB Ads For Authors Precise Targeting

Facebook Ads Offer The Advantage Of Precise Targeting


Facebook Ads Offer The Advantage Of Re targeting Ads To Website/Blog Or Book Page Visitors Thus Helping In Selling Books To Those Who Don’t Buy During Their First Visit


  1. Different Types of Advertisements and Pricing Options

With Facebook Ads Marketing, you have the ability to set bids based on either Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (CPM). You can also set daily or lifetime budget according to your book marketing goals and criteria. Also, you are not limited to just one kind of advertisement. Depending on what suits you and your books the best, you can create Sponsored Book Ads, Page Posts Ads to promote your blog and get traffic to your book page or your blog/website post, and Marketplace Ads at the sidebar of your target audience’s Facebook Page.


Facebook Sibebar Ads To Sell Books

Sample Facebook Sidebar Ads Once Used By Joanna Penn Of To Sell Her Book – Pentecost


The possibilities of how you can reach your target book audience is just too many with Facebook Ads Marketing, and you are only limited to what you can do to sell your books and build your author platform.

  1. Conversion Tracking

Facebook allows advertise authors to keep track of important actions people take on their author website/blog after they click or view ads. Authors can use a conversion tracking pixel to create a JavaScript code snippet. This makes it very easy for authors to measure the effect of their advertising campaigns and helps calculate the exact ROI on the advertisement helping in identifying ads and targeting elements that stand in the way of higher conversion.


  1. Low Barrier Entry

Facebook Ads to most people is a no go area with the wrong believe that it requires quite some large budget but this impression is really wrong.
With as low as a $5 a day budget, authors can take advantage of this powerful book marketing channel to sell more book and reach as many book readers as possible which in turns helps in building a viable author’s platform

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Wrapping Up

This is the first in the series of post that will be dealing with how authors especially self-published authors can use the power of Facebook ads to market and promote their books as well as get seen the more by growing their author platform which is majorly the hallmark of every author’s dream.

In the next post, I will be dealing with how authors can really use Facebook Ads to market and sell more books as well as grow a viable author platform.


Now It’s Your Turn

Have you used Facebook in the past to market your book? If so, what was it like? Join me in the conversation in the comment box below.

Are you wondering how you can use Facebook as a whole or Facebook ads to reach more of your target book audience without wasting time or money. Or do you just want to have the best strategy to help you sell more books and reach more of your target audience?

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