Perhaps you’ve already written and published one book or more.  Or maybe you are planning to write one and publish it soon.

The truth is I’d consider what we do as an author as noble and for many like me who enjoyed every bit of doing what we love, you will agree that we are always proud to be called an author.

But here is the problem..

After writing your book and getting it published, many times, few or nobody at all know your book is now available for sale on Amazon or any other online bookstore and your job as an author doesn’t stop at writing and publishing books but to also get your books out there in the hands of your target book readers and buyers.


What if you now have simple “set it once” and “let it run” system that will help you :

  • Find your target book readers and buyers in loads
  • Attract them to your book page
  • Turn them into your book readers

And perhaps

  • Turn them to your loyal book fans

And now you can have a system like this for yourself without costing you money or time.

Now, I don’t want to oversell the benefits of this book.

I’ll just end by saying that Book Readers Magnet: How To Build Your Author Platform and Sell More Books On Amazon is currently $2.99 (or the equivalent in your country).

And here are the links where you can grab it:


Get a copy of Book Readers Magnet: How To Build Your Author Platform and Sell More Books On Amazon now and don’t forget to leave your review for the book.

Happy Reading!


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