Publishing a book isn’t the same thing as selling a book.

One is a one-time activity and the other takes much more planning, strategic action and implementation. It also takes a lot of work – yes, I have to tell you that.

Marketing and promoting your books should never start when you’re done writing. You should be thinking about your marketing plan and strategy long before you even write the first word of your book.

One mistake you should never make is waiting until your book is out before marketing it!

Yes, your book marketing effort should start even before you write a single word.

And let me ask you this – do you have a book marketing plan for your book?

In this week episode of Authors Crib Podcast, I talked about one Important thing that many authors will not even remember after hitting the publish button and getting their books out there and that is a Book Marketing Plan.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. Why you need to have a book marketing plan in the first instance
  2. What you should do before you even write a single word of your book
  3. What your book marketing plan should look like
  4. The 4 steps that will guide you to create a book marketing plan that will sell your book now and over time.
  5. The right material, tactics, tools and strategies that will help you execute your book-marketing plan.

See you next week for another episode of the podcast.

Now it’s Your Turn

Do you have a book-marketing plan for your book(s).

If so, is it working for you and if not, let’s know your how you will use the 4 steps highlighted in this episode to create your book marketing plan.

Join in the discussion in the comment box below and let’s hear from you.

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