How can I sell my book?

This is a question commonly asked by most authors. As an author myself I know how it feels to write a book and then be faced with figuring out how to sell it.

Maybe you are that author who is shy or even clueless about how you can get your books into the hands of your target book readers and buyers.  If so, this is just the post you need to read.

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But before I tell you how to get book sales, let me tell you this:

Your main job as an author after writing your book is to find your book audience and get your book into its hands as much as you can.

This is because nothing happens until you find people who want what you’ve just written in your book. Most authors never realize that they need to reach out to their target book audience and find a way to turn readers into loyal fans.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The Best Way To Find Your Book Audience
  • How Do You Find Your Book Audience by :
  •       Reaching out and Finding Ways to Attract Them Back To You
  •       Using Social Media
  •       Using Paid Methods

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