Have you ever experienced a moment of panic before you can hit the publish button for your book or before you get out there and promote your books?

I am referring to butterflies in your stomach or simple fear of “is my book good enough?” or “will anyone read this book I have just written?”.

I am talking about being stopped in your tracks with a feeling of such tremendous self-doubt that you are your book is good enough for someone to pay for it. Welcome to the non-exclusive club of millions of authors who experience the impostor syndrome.

I got a mail from a reader of Author Crib yesterday by name Trish and that mail motivated me to write this post to address this issue of “Is my book good enough?”

Below is the email I got from Trish



Many authors today are self-described “recovering impostor,” – many succumb to feelings of self-doubt and fail to recognize and celebrate their creativity and uniqueness as an author. Impostor syndrome is a major psychological phenomenon that is extremely prevalent in the writing world that makes many authors feel like they are not good enough to write a book that people will read.

Now, let us ask ourselves some questions here.

Is your book good enough to sell and how can you now if that is true or not.

To answer this question, here are some of my responses to some of Trish’s questions to get a clearer picture of my thought on this issue.

Writing Should Be Fun


Note: Writing should be fun and if you have this mindset as an author, you will surely enjoy he process of writing your books and getting it out there and the more fun you are having with these, the more your self-confidence will and the more books you will sell


When In Doubt about Your Book Appealing To Anyone


Note: The only way you can know if your book will appeal to anyone is getting yourself out there and reach your book audience to tell them about your book. You will never know if your book will appeal to anyone just by sitting down in your room and thinking if there would be anyone interested in your book


Your Confidence Will Grow More When You Get Yourself Out There and Realized People Love Your Book


Note: Getting yourself out there is the best way to increase how confident you are with selling your book. If you do the hard job (I must confess, it is hard especially when you are just starting to get your sweet butt out there and tell people about your book – but you just have to do it) of getting to where your audience are and find ways to tell them about your book, you will get more feedbacks about your book and with this, there are many people that will love what you do and that enough will give you the confidence to do more and repeating that is only what it takes to be good at doing this.


Why Write A Book If You Will Hold Back On Promoting The Book?


Note: You write a book for a purpose and that purpose never include just writing the book so you can be called an author.

You write your book because you have something inside of you that you now someone out there will find interesting, helpful or entertaining and after writing your book, why will you ever want to hold back on getting your book into the hands of  those people who want your books?

When In Doubt, Take Baby Steps

Selling your book can be overwhelming especially for authors who are just starting out. But if you start with just a baby step each day to at least reach one more of your target book audience, then life will start getting better and over time, you will grow in confidence as well as have your books in the hands of more readers than you can ever think of.

Is My Book Good Enough? – Here Is What to Do

Many times when authors asked themselves this question, it is as a result of having no plan whatsoever about who the right audience are and how to reach them but even at that, it’s pretty normal to be in that situation.

But in times like this, here are some tips to help you out of the water of your self-doubt and fear of criticism that might result from you getting out there and selling your book.

  1. Find out if there is an audience for your book. How many people read poetry books, are passionate about their exotic fish, collect buttons or enjoy an entertaining Gothic novel, for example?
  2. How many books are already out there like yours? Is there room for another one? How can you make yours stand out and still keep the aspects that people want in a book of this type?
  3. How will you promote this book? What do you know about book promotion? Are you willing to study the process of book promotion and prepare yourself for this activity way before your book is a book?
  4. What do you know about your audience? What books do they want/need at this time? Where do they learn about the books they buy? Where do they buy books of this type? How do you approach this audience?

All you can do is the best that you can do. But do so with knowledge and understanding. Read The 80/20 Guide to Book Marketing available now on Amazon.

Now is Your Turn

Do you have similar doubt about your book one time before or right now? Join me in the comment box below and share your fear and tell us why you are afraid to sell your book.