When do you think is the best time to start marketing and promoting your books?

If you are like most authors who only think about how to market their books just right after a book is published, then this post is meant to show you a better way to approach your job of writing a book and getting into the hands of your target audience.

The “Write More Books” Syndrome

You have heard many times that you should write more books in order to become a well-known author and increase book sales, but let’s take a critical look at this belief.

To better understand why this is being preached to you as an author, let’s see some behind-the scenes happenings that control and create this popular publishing cliché.

If you are going the traditional publishing route, your agent surely wants the next book proposal to pitch and your publisher is also waiting and eager to have the next book to publish and launch because that is how they make more money.

Generally for both self-published and traditionally published authors, your book editor also wants more books to edit and your cover designer wants more covers to design. With all of these coming together, authors like you don’t even know when this mantra becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and you are eager to write your next book without even realizing all of this.

But Is Writing More Book The Best Book Marketing Advice And Strategy?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why the common “Write More Books Is The Best Book Marketing Strategy” advice will
  1. Limit your book marketing potential
  2. Help you miss lot of opportunities you might have gotten by taking the time to explore all marketing channels to sell your currently published books
  3. Result in scattered focus.
  4. Derail you from finding the time to grow your author platform, email list as well as finding your book audience and building a relationship with your readers.
  • What your number one book marketing job should
  • Why you should focus on building your platform first
  • How it’s done – my own personal example
  • When should you start marketing your books and what you should do to kick start your book marketing campaign

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