EP04 : Creating A Best Selling Book Idea and Plan, Book Marketing, Author Platform Building and Blogging For Authors With Nina Amir

Your main goal is to sell more of your books as an author, get your books out there and reach more of your target audience as well as make money from your books.

But the problem most times is the “how”. Writing is easy for most authors but what about book promotion and marketing and then you hear the sound of cluelessness.

What about getting a book deal and making money from selling books – that is really the dream of most authors.

Welcome to Authors Crib Podcast and in this episode, I welcome Nina Amir on the show to share with us tips and ideas on how you can create a best-selling book idea and marketing plan for your book, how to sell more of your books, build your author platform and use blogging as a book marketing tool even if you are a fiction author.

Nina is the author of How to Blog a Book: How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time (Writer’s Digest Books), a nonfiction editor, book proposal and blogging consultant, blog-to-book coach, and book and author coach with more than 33 years of experience in the publishing field.

She also is the founder of Write Nonfiction in November, a blog and challenge. She writes five blogs, including Write Nonfiction NOW!, How to Blog a Book

In this episode, you’ll learn :

  • Tips for authors to get started with book publishing and book marketing
  • How to create a best-selling book from the idea stage to book marketing plan to publishing
  • Tips on how to figure out if you have a marketable book before even writing your book
  • How to get your author branding right
  • Tips on how to use your website to build your platform, find your audience and build a marketing hub that works with social media networking to get yourself and your book out there
  • How to use blogging as a non-fiction author to build your audience and sell more books
  • How to use blogging as a fiction author as a book marketing tool, how to find topics and themes to blog about and find your audience using blogging
  • How to make more money from your books by creating products and services around your books even as a fiction writer
  • Tips on how to move from indie publishing to landing a book deal, going the traditional publishing route and create a winning book proposal.
  • How to transition from the mindest of just writing books to building a business around writing of books and how you can turn your book publishing career into a full time “AuthorPreneur” business.

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