It’s St Patrick day again and here, I’ve got a great deal for you on some of my self-publishing and book marketing books.

From today (March 16th) to the midnight Friday (March 20th) each of the following books will be sold for $2.99 plus another book for just 99 cents

Flat-Cover-JPGFacebook Marketing For Authors: How to Sell More Books With Facebook Ads

This Book Shows How Authors Can Leverage The Power Of Facebook Marketing As A Book Marketing Tool!

You need lot of eyeballs (traffic) to your author blog/website and Amazon book page and Facebook is a great tool to get tons of your target book audience to get to know about your books and in this book, I will show you how to do that.

It Reveals Exactly How You As An Authors Can Use Facebook Ads To Your Greatest Book Marketing Advantage.

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The 80 20 Guide To Book Marketing CoverThe 80/20 No Wasting of Time and Energy Guide to Book Marketing: How To Market, Sell Your Books And Build Your Author Platform Without Wasting Time, Energy Or Time

Marketing can be a tricky job for authors, and when you consider the fact that there is too much of information out there online on what to do as well as varying, and sometimes, confusing marketing tips and strategies that does nothing but leave authors more confused than ever before on what really to do among all these load and tons of “to dos”.

As an author, time is really in short supply, and you should ask yourself this question – Is what I’m doing to get my books out there working at all?

In this guide, I will show you the 4 main branches or components of The 80/20 Book Marketing System which is meant to teach you those 20% activities you should be doing that will bring the 80% of the book marketing results you desire.

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Flat-Cover-JPGHow to Market and Promote Books on Goodreads: Goodreads for Book Marketing

Goodreads is a very useful tool in every author’s book marketing and promotion arsenal and there are lots of possibilities in using the amazing social networking site for both authors and book readers.

This book contains several tips, ways and strategies that author; especially self-publishing author can use to market and promote their books as well as interact, connect and network with fellow authors as well as book readers.

And with the recent investment of Amazon into Goodreads, there has been no better time for authors to take advantage of the all the benefits that Goodreads has to offer their book marketing efforts.

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A $.99 Deal For You…

HowToMarketPromoteYourBookHow To Market, Promote And Sell Your Books: Proven Book Marketing Tips from Best Selling Authors and Self-Publishing Expert

What if you can learn how best to market your books from self publishing experts and best selling authors?

This book contains interview with best selling authors and self publishing experts like Rachael Abbott,Hugh Howey,Trevor Young,Jane Dixon Smith,Brian Cormack Barr,Steven Lewis and so many others authorities in the self publishing world.

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Enjoy this books. They are all short reads and I will also love for your to leave a review for any one you find helpful among them.

Happy St Patrick Day to all US authors!

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