As authors, what we do most times is not what everyone is doing.

Most people are working at a 9-5 paid job but you are always busy writing books.

Everyone has a boss but you are always busy answering to the call of your passion which is writing.

Nothing is bad with these…

But people around you seems not to understand what you do and why you do it.

If this sounds like a situation you have been dealing with right now, then you are not alone.

I started writing books by accident and I became an author by just my sheer curiosity of self-publishing a book and selling it on Amazon after I listened to one episode of Joanna Penn’s podcast – The Creative Penn Podcast.

From day one, nobody, not even my parent or my ex-girlfriend took me or what I was doing seriously.

They always wonder what I was doing – sitting  all day in front of my laptop with little or no break.

And to make matters worst, my books aren’t selling and I almost got a paid job to pay my bills when things seem hard on my wallet and I.

But today,

The story is quite different.

Most people around me today; my family, friends and my girlfriend still haven’t been able to figure out what I have been doing for years but they all can definitely see me smiling everyday as a result of getting some positive feedback from my passion online.

In this episode of Authors Crib Podcast, I got a question from Viv, an author who asked me what she can do to make people around her take her seriously for what she is doing everyday – her passion for writing books.

In this episode, I shared the story of how I got started and faced similar problem from people around me who thought back then that I should have a secured paid job instead of just writing books and trying to make them sell online.

I then answer the question of what you can do when people around you are not taking what you do seriously and how to deal with such situation when there is still nothing to show for with your books.

This is definitely a motivational episode to help keep your passion alive while you are trying to get results and success with what you do as an author.

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