“Mayowa, do you see the two positive responses I got from the giveaways?” “Or should I forward them to you?”

That’s the excitement of an author who got lot of positives feedback from readers who find her book interesting after she gave away a free copy of one of her books and mind you, these are not just a huge number of book readers but potential loyal book buying readers who are love to read historical fiction books – the exact genre of book she write.

She started with nobody knowing about her books and now she is getting lot of feedbacks and responses from her book audience but if you are so curious like I am, probably you must have been asking how did she get these people to know about her book?

The simple answer is by building her email list!

Email list is your number best book marketing asset as an author and what you should spend your most time doing is building your email list.

Your Number One Book Marketing Asset

If you are reading this now, I can bet it that you want to sell your books and you want people to know about your book and if this is true, then I’ve got one thing to tell you to help you achieve your dreams of having your books in the hands of your target book audience in their great numbers.

Start building your email list!

Book marketing is all about finding your book audience – I mean book buyers and readers and get them to buy your book but what best and non-pushy way to do that than to go where your book audience are and get them to your website where you can “attract” and “entice” them with some useful  to get them into your email list, engage with them via a series of emails message, ask what they want to read from you to help you know what best you can write next to cater for their needs and also announce your new book to them?

This is the holy grail of book marketing but many authors especially fiction authors will want to argue about this and if you ask me how do I know this and I will tell you that I’ve talked to quite a number of fiction authors and some are like – what will having an email list for me r for my book sales and my response will be simply – a lot!

Do you remember the popular saying – money is in the list which is true and which I will love to rephrased and turn into:

Money and lot of book sales in in the list

If rightly done, your email list is your greatest and most important book marketing asset and here is why:

Why An Email List Is Your Number One Book Marketing Asset?

–        The best tool to grow a gathering of your target book audience: You’ve seen it many time and you will keep seeing it – I mean log in to your Facebook page, check your Twitter feed, browse through your favorite blog and also check the right big form at the right hand side of my blog and you see one a free gift be it eBook, video or audio recording or email course been offered to you in exchange for your email address and maybe name. But have you asked yourself why you keep seeing these all around?

The answer is that these people and your favorite blogger want you to join their email list so they can communicate with you with the aim of you becoming their loyal subscribers and I also want the same with my blog you are reading right now. In fact, if you haven’t join my email list, please do that here or just give me your email address and name at the form at your right hands side here or at the one below this post. Yes, I want you to be my loyal fan and I promise you lot of great and useful content and gifts for doing so!

Such is the power of having an email list.

With your email list of your target book audience, you have the best of world to connect, engage, communicate with those who you can turn into your loyal book buyers and fans and also get their feedback and reviews for your book.

Some authors will mind not having this anyway – but I know only few authors will say want this.

–        The best tool to communicate and engage with people who are interested in your book: Will you love to have constant feedback about your book, communicate with them to know what they love or hate about your book, get beta readers for your books?

If that looks like all you want, then the best tool to have the best of all these is your email list.

–        The best tool to sell your book for the marketing shy author without sounding much like a salesperson: I can be very shy when it comes to telling people about my books and if you are like me and you are not well convenient with “marketing” or looking like a salesperson (we hate salesperson anyway and most people hate been sold on something), then building an email list is the best option to sell your books without really “selling” or looking like a salesperson.

–        The shortest and best route to personally reach your book audience: Your number one job as an author after writing your book is to find those who will like to read your book and get your book in their hand but how can you do this. The answer is simply to build an email list to attract them to you with a freebie they will love in exchange for their email and later engage them with your well written series of automated email messages.

–        It sells your future book even before you have write it: One thing I always do for authors I’ve work with is to help them find their target book audience and create the right system to get them into an email list and one great advantage I’ve seen with this is the fact that with publishing a book now or later, there is no need again to start asking the question of “where will I get people to read/buy my book?”.

With their email, they already have a sizeable list of ready to buy buyers and readers and it’s just a matter of sending one single email to notify them of the new book and you can guess what will happen after that after they have been nurtured into a loyal fan over time with some email messages in the past.

Components of a Simple but Efficient Email List System

You should build an email list – that is not a new again but let’s see what a proper email list system looks like and what goes into building one.

  1. Email List Attraction Offer: you need to give something in return for people’s email and these differ for non-fiction and fiction authors. Your Email List Attraction Offer is there to achieve one thing and that is to provide value enough to your target audience to make them want to give you their email address

For Fiction Author: Sample chapter, free copy of one of your books, collection of your past short story or novellas

For Non-Fiction :  Useful content that relates with your book or that add value to your target audience and can include – short report, free PDF book, free video series, webinar replay

  1. An Optin System: this is the system that handles collecting people’s email from your website and sending it to an autoresponder system that handle the delivery of your email list attraction offer as well as other follow-up messages. Most times, this is mainly done via a squeeze page which is basically a standalone mini sales page for your email list attraction offer, an sidebar optin form or a content optin form
  1. An Autoresponder: This is the system that handles the actual processing of the email addresses submitted via your optin system and sends an automated mail to your new subscribers as well as other follow-up messages. There are lot of options and services available to help you with these and my favorite is Aweber which might be pricey for authors who have a low budget and other free options existed but with limited features like Listwire and Mailchimp.
  1. Your Follow-up Messages: The beauty of having an email list system is the automated nature that comes with it where you can pre-write your follow-up message either to engage, interact with your subscribers as well as sell your book to them in a not too pushy way.

How to Use Your Book To Grow Your Email List

Many authors don’t know about this and I’m happy to tell you that if you already have a book published, then you can use that book to build your email list and stop losing all your book buyers when you can get their emails and build a relationship with them via your email list system.

I’ve written a post showing how you can use your book to sell your books but if you are wondering how to use your book to grow your email list, here is how:

Just like the simple logic that if your book readers and buyers enjoyed one of your books, they are also prone to read your other books, if you do the job of selling that idea to them; if this is so, then you can use the same method to persuade them to join your email list.

But with this, you must have something that is valuable enough to attract them to join your email list.

But let me ask you – do you really have an email list for your book? If you don’t, then it’s time to build one, and if you have, then kudos, here is the best way to go about this.

All you just need to do is insert a simple call to action on one or more pages of your book directing your book readers to sign-up for your email list in exchange for a valuable freebie (I’ve talked about that earlier).

The best place to direct your readers to join your email list is a simple landing page created to capture their name and email address, and you can check my landing page for my free giveaway for my blog as a non-fiction author to see what a landing page should look like.

A Simple Call to Action Like This Directing Your Book Reader to Join Your Email List In Exchange for A Valuable Freebie Will Go A Long Way to Help Build Your Email List

A Simple Call to Action Like This Directing Your Book Reader to Join Your Email List In Exchange for A Valuable Freebie Will Go A Long Way to Help Build Your Email List

Now Your Turn

Are you wondering how you can use email list marketing to reach more of your target book audience without wasting time or money. Or do you just want to have the best strategy to help you sell more books and reach more of your target audience?

If so, then book a One Hour Book Marketing And Author Platform Strategy Call with me and let’s discuss about how you can achieve your goal and reach more of your book buyers.

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