I’m an author myself and I understand what it takes to starts from the scratch.

I won’t claim to know all but as walk along the path of self publishing, writing and author-entrepreneurship ,I have learned lots of things that I believe other authors can also learn from.

I’ve done lot of silly things as an author, I’ve made so many mistakes and I’ve experimented a lot to figure out what is working and what is not working when it comes to writing a book,marketing it and building an audience and platform of loyal book audience.

And here is a little about Me!

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This is Mayowa and I’m welcoming you to AuthorsCrib.com

The Three Books That Got Me Started As An Author

Hi everyone, my name is Mayowa and you are free to call me Mayor

I am an author just like you, a book publishing and marketing coach and also a Passionprenuer (meaning I run couple of successful passion based businesses online).

My journey as an author was a funny one and it happened some two and half years ago when I sacked my boss, quit my dream real estate job after eight boring and soul sucking month working at a job I hated. It was maybe a coincidence when I came across Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn Podcast and I got to know I can publish and market a book on Amazon without the need for a publisher.

That got me to work and I in just two weeks, I have written my first three books but to be honest, those three books are damn crappy – I did everything from editing (English isn’t my first language anyway) to formatting and even book covers.

Then started my journey into book marketing and for almost a year, I tried bunch of stuffs from Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and email marketing just to sell my books but nothing happened until I finally figured out how to build a platform for myself and my author brand and since then, my book – Life Hacking became a best seller.

Also, in contrast to what I had back then, I am now proud of having a great following online with my blogs, podcasts and video channel and all of that happened because I finally settled down to build my platform which is one thing that has helped my writing and author career tremendously over theses past years,.

My mission is to help you succeed in your writing career, become a better author and take your writing career to a greater height through our tips, updates, training, and services.

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