Are You Still Struggling To Get Reviews For Your Books?

Now you can get a REVIEW AVALANCHE by tapping into the power of Goodreads AND also build your book review/launch email team and list at the same time!

And you can now get rid of those blank Amazon pages and turn them into a source of reviews from your most passionate readers who have raised their hands to read and review your book.

Let’s face it. Having a book with no reviews sucks. A lot.

Time and time again, I’ve had cause to look at my book’s page and I feel  a sense of disappointment.

How often do you find yourself in such shoe..

  • Running another free promotion on Amazon,Goodreads,Facebook or even Twitter and hoping that the reviews will finally come in and not getting any results.
  • Paying hundreds of dollars for a review service to find out that it attracts no real readers.
  • Doing expensive blog tours hoping to finally get those reviews only to discover that the company did not deliver.
  • Joining authors group on Goodreads or Facebook to find people do swap reviews with and spending tons of hours doing that.
  • Paying for Fiverr review gigs
  • Wondering if you’re ever going to make it as an author?
  • Concluding that you’re just not as lucky as the other authors in your genre?

But I keep finding a solution to my problem…

Until I stumbled on these powerful review strategy using Goodreads and spending just 15 minutes in a day to build your book review/launch list without wasting time, energy or money.

I just couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.

I was getting excellent results. Finally the hard work was paying off.

Building a reputation I could be proud of, getting plenty of positive feedback, receiving letters from fans asking for more books.

But there was still one thing left to do. I couldn’t keep all of this to myself.

The fact is, I know there’s a ton of people just like you. You work way too hard and you’re capable of more.

That’s why I’m about to give you an inside look.

And here is….



Get a REVIEW AVALANCHE by tapping into the power of Goodreads AND also build your book review/launch email team and list at the same time!

Goodreads Hack is an easy to digest video walk through. You’ll get a firsthand look at the entire process, from start to finish.

From finding the “perfect” readers (you know…the ones who give you great reviews and can’t wait for your new releases) to creating that mailing list you know every author must have.


Here’s A Sneak Peek At What’s Inside:


  • Your Goodreads Profile Secretly Tweaked.

You will learn how to tweak your Goodreads profile so that visitors to your page will turn into readers and reviewers.

  • Two Secret Strategies to Getting Reviews.

I will reveal two very effective strategies that will show you how to get new reviews daily.

  • Mailing List Building Tutorial.

You’ve heard countless times that every author needs a mailing list but you didn’t know how to set it up and where to get your subscribers from? I take you through every step of the process.

  • The Perfect Giveaway.

Anyone can run a giveaway but how do you offer just one copy and get an avalanche of reviews? I show you the secret step by step guide on how to use giveaways to drive people into your book review/launch email list.

“Wow, Mayowa, this sounds amazing! But what’s the catch?”

And I will say no catch!

I can price this secret that will save you tons of energy, time and money to get reviews with sweat at it normal price value of $297 but I won’t do that.

I want to make it easy to get your hands on this secret for cheap and also make it a no-brainer to say yes to…yes, I’m a heck of a nice guy..isn’t it?

And on top of this, I will be showering you with bonuses you can’t just resist.

When you secure your copy today, you’ll also receive two FREE bonuses!

To make sure you’ve got everything you need to get started, you’ll also get instant access to these bonuses – completely FREE!

Bonus 1 – Creating an E-book Giveaway on Goodreads.

Goodreads giveaways are only for paper books but I’ve discovered a way in which you can also give away your e-books and gain new

readers and reviewers this way!

Bonus 2 – The Perfect Book Launch.

Forget about launch day being yet another usual day. I will show you my sequence to creating plenty of buzz for your upcoming launch, so that the day you release our book, you will also receive an avalanche of free reviews.

“Yes, I’m Ready To Get Started! How Much?”

I hate stories and I love cutting away the BS..

I can tell you a long one to final say I’m pricing this great secret at just $19 but I won’t.

In short, you can lay your hand on this secret right bow for just $19!

And also, for just $9, you can get a copy of the PDF version of this whole package which I spent 5 days writing with detailed pictorial step by step guide of everything you need to know to enjoy this great avalanche of review spending just 15 minutes in a day.

So for getting in on Goodreads Cracked today, you’ll get:

  1. Your Goodreads Profile Secretly Tweaked (Value: $37)
  2. Two Secret Strategies to Getting Reviews (Value: $37)
  3. Mailing List Building Tutorial (Value: $37)
  4. The Perfect Giveaway (Value: $37)
  5. Bonus 1 – Creating an E-book Giveaway on Goodreads (Value: $37)
  6. Bonus 2 – The Perfect Book Launch (Value: $37)

That’s a $222 value for ONLY… $19.99!


Hurry! I am raising the price to $47 as soon as 100 trainings have been sold out!

But to make your decision even easier:


I’m ready to prove everything I claim. Get “Goodreads Hack” right now, and test it for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. If the product does not live up to the claims stated here, and you don’t get any reviews or subscribers using the strategies presented, I’ll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% MoneyBack Guaranteed.

You won’t find an easier way to get reviews. Trust me. I’ve made more mistakes than I care to recall.

I’d like to thank you for reading this letter, and let you know how excited I am for you to take this next step. Not only will you have long list of very passionate readers, you’ll soon feel a huge weight lifted when the headache disappears and your reviews exceed your expectations.

See you on the inside,



P.S. You’re working way too hard for the headache you’re having right now. Without this training in your toolkit, things will only stay the same. Start getting the recognition you deserve and invest in your future. Click on the buy button above now.

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