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Welcome To The Savvy Indie Author Interview Corner
Here at The Savvy Indie Author Corner,I bring to you my interviews with various Indie Authors to help share their Indie Story to others.

Here you find my all my interviews with Authors:

Podcast : Offline Book Marketing And Becoming A Best Seller With Dean Archer From

Author Intrerview : Audio Book Creation And Marketing With Tim Hampton

Social Media And Selling More Books : Author Interview With Alayna Renee Vilmont

Social Media Works : Author Interview With Jeff Dawson

Author Interview With Mary Rowen

Author Interview With Jerry Aubry Cote

My major aim creating this corner at The Savvy Indie Blog is to help authors share their stories with other authors as well because i believe every authors have one or two story to tell and here is where every authors have the opportunity to share all they need to share.

Not only will sharing the indie stories help gives author the needed exposure to what they do but others might as well learn from what every authors has to say and that is another reason why i like having authors here at this corner.

Want To Be Featured Here Too As An Author?

If you are an author,then here is the place to help you broadcast your indie stories to he world and also to tell everyone about you and your book.

So why wait till tomorrow?

I want you here and here is for you.

All you need to do is to send me a mail at MayorLan(at)TheSavvyIndie(dot)com and i will take it from there.


Below are my past interviews with authors at this corner of he Savvy Indie Blog:

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