Author Business Cashflow Bootcamp – African Author Version




In this program, I will walk you through the Author Business Cashflow System in which you will learn:

  1. How to figure out the right book to write that gives you more leverage to selling. This is a mistake I made when I started – writing books just because I care but not finding out if there is a demand for them.
  2. How to place your book rightly on Amazon to improve your chance of selling
  3. How to use the right ads system to generate a constant flow of book sales with just some few minutes of work maintenance once in a while
  4. How to use your books to build a following and how to leverage those following to generate more income now and later.
  5. How to earn more from your books apart from publishing them. You will learn one simple hacks that will save you a lot of money in earnings from your book royalties.
  6. How to use the power of blogging to build an audience and an email list as well as sell your books for higher prices from your blog.
  7. One simple mindset you need to adopt to take your publishing business to a higher earning level.
  8. How to utilize the power of FREE to build your audience, get leads for your products and services as well as build your email list and sell more of your books.
  9. All the tools you need that will save you time and bring in more results for you.
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