Cover design is an integral part of self-publishing and it is one major component of a book – both self-published and traditional published books.

But this is also one thing that is mostly screwed up by authors especially self-published authors.

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It’s really a popular advice in today’s self-publishing circle that book cover is very important for any book to really succeed on Amazon or any other online book store but the problem is that of how authors can get the right book cover for their books, how to find the right design and designer to design the cover, and what a cover should look like and many other questions mostly asked by authors pertaining to book cover designs.

In this episode of Authors Crib Podcast, I had a chat with Derek Murphy of The Creativ Indie and DIY Book Covers who is an author and a book cover design experts who has designed tons of book covers for bestselling authors like Joanna Penn of

Derek shares his writing journey and started working with authors as an editor and cover designer and tons of great cover design and book marketing tips, strategies and advice as well as his best tips on how authors can build a side business as an author to augment their writing income.


In this episode, you will learn:

– The trend of services and products that are in high demand in today’s self-publishing reality that you as a creative authors and artist can take advantage of to start a side business that can augment your writing and publishing income.

– One Mistake You Can Make That Might Cost You A Lot Of Time And Energy When You As An Author Or Creative Artist Want To Start A Business Of Your Own

– The trend today with cover designs and how you can get the right cover designs for your books.

– One mistake you should never make with your book covers.

– Should you design your own DIY cover design or hire a book cover designer? His answer will surely surprise you.

– How to design your book cover if you want to go the DIY route and his one great tool that can help you do that.

– How to find and hire the best cover designer for your book cover (this will save you tons of money I must say) and also his best tips if you want to hire a book cover design to handle your cover designing.

– How you can sell your books and the best way to get your books out there as well as build your author platform.

– The best way to build your author platform in today’s self-publishing reality and how to find your initial audience and book fans.

– How to use free book giveaway and KDP Select program to build your author platform and sell your books when you are starting and you have no audience or platform even if you are a fiction author.

– Why you should never charge your friends, fans and follower for your book when you are just starting and what you can do instead to build your audience faster.

– How to write, publish and market your book without money and how you can edit and format your book for free and cheaply if you are on a tight budget

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Useful Links from this episodes: – free resources and ebooks –loads of free templates, instructions and guidance to help you design your book covers as well as free kindle converting software. – Murphy’s cover and website design service website.


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