Twitter is one big social media platform and most authors today are having one thing or the other to do with this 140 characters platform.

Chances are you are also on Twitter trying to find your target book audience and sell your books.

Until some months ago when I interviewed an author friend who has mastered Twitter for attracting his target book audience, I never counted Twitter as one platform I need to spend time on.

Years ago when I wrote my first three books, I spent months on Twitter trying to get people to buy my books and I did lot of wrong things over there just to get people to buy my three crappy books.

That never worked until I stopped, abandoned my Twitter account and commit myself into figuring out the best way to write better books and sell them as well.

Twitter as I have learned from my friend over the last two month is one of the best way to reach your target book audience and get them to visit your author website and blog.

As to almost every marketing strategy or tactic, there are the wrongs ways to go about getting the attention of your target audience and turn them into your loyal book fan and follower and there are also the right ways to use Twitter to find and attract your target book audience.

In my quest to know more about the best and the right way to use Twitter to find book readers online, I reached out to Gary Loper who is Twitter Strategist and an expert in Twitter marketing to share his best tips for you and I.

In this episode of Authors Crib Podcast, Gary shared with us what you should be doing on Twitter and what you need to avoid to find, attract and convert your target audience into your loyal book fans.


In this episode, you will learn:

– How & Where Can You Can Get Started On Twitter

– How Best To Deal with the Problem of Twitter Having a Short Attention Span For Tweets And The Right Way To Overcome This Problem

– The Common Mistakes You Can Make As an Author When Using Twitter As A Book Marketing Tool

– What You Should Tweet About To Find and Attract Your Right Target Book Readers and Audience

– The 4 Es of What You Should Be Sharing On Twitter

– The “Be Useful First” Twitter Strategy.

– The Power of Hashtag and How Best You Can Use That to Reach Your Target Book Audience

– How to Get the Right Hashtag for Your Tweets

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