7 Book Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

7 Book Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

7 Book Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Book Marketing helps you sell more books, but how do you get started if you aren’t sure where to start? Here are the common 7 book marketing challenges you can have as an author and how to overcome them.

What Are You Doing Now To Build Your Audience?

Very few readers purchase books that just happen to catch their attention without having heard about the author or the book being recommended by someone they know. Those who already know, like and trust you are called your book audience.

The question no now, what are you doing now to build your audience?

How to revive a book when sales slow down

You’ve launched your book and built buzz around it, the sales came but now, things are slowing down?

When sales are down and the spikes are gone, here are some tips to help you spice things up when that initial spikes has died down.

This One Thing Will Guarantee More Book Sales

The thing that differentiates the successful authors from the non-successful authors is, once again, consistency. So doing the right things, on a consistent basis, will drive more exposure and more sales.

So what are those things? Well, let’s have a look.

Book Marketing In 10 Minutes A Day For Authors Who Hate Marketing

Let’s make sense of book marketing — by making choices, creating a quick message and plan, and then using our ten minutes a day, every day. The minutes add up.

At ten minutes daily, you’re spending 50 minutes a week (five days) on ensuring that you give your book the opportunity it deserves to be seen by its audience.

20 Ways Authors Use Videos to Engage with Readers

Video is a great way to grab readers’ attention and engage with them in a personal way online. It could lead to an increase in book sales, as shoppers who watch videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers. And since 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, it’s also a great way to gain exposure to new potential readers.

Since video can be such a powerful marketing medium, let’s take a look at some examples of how you can use videos to engage with readers.

How To Find A “Tribe” When Marketing Your Book

Tribes get your book to the rest of the world.

Tribes spread the news naturally. Think of Harry Potter–that was written for kids. It mainly spread via word of mouth because of the reader’s relationship with J. K. Rowling’s writing, and the way she treated her readers.

So you need to build a tribe and here is how to build one.

Design’s Role in Book Marketing Success

Design plays a major role in book marketing success. Although authors often think of design strictly in terms of book covers, design can make a major contribution to your book’s success long before (and after) your book’s release date. Here’s why

5 Ways to use Facebook Groups to Build Book Buzz

Many authors and publishers use Facebook groups to house these communities. Unlike Facebook Pages, group updates appear in members’ news feeds without needing to pay for boosted posts. Also, members receive notifications each time there’s a new update to the group — at least until they specifically opt out of these notifications.

Here are a few goals authors and publishers are accomplishing through Facebook groups!

Book Of The Week

Every week’s episodes of Authors Crib Digest will feature the book of the week. This will be a book I have read myself and seen to be worthy of your time, money and energy.

Our book of the week today is Your Epic Book Launch: How to Write A Book, Launch Your Book into a #1 International Bestseller

Go take a read. 


  • I am struggling. My book is coming out in 3 weeks. It is a middle grade chapter book for children about service dogs. I have been turned down in a children’s book store for shelving or book signing, turned down at my own children’s school to do an author reading and need approval from from my public library to even shelve the book although it is sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Should I hire a publicity company or is their little return on the dollar?trying to visit shops and I think I need online launch and possibly a public book event at my community center. As well hoping to get an article in my community magazine and news letter…All thoughts.

    • Hi Tess.

      One question you need to ask before you start marketing your book is “who are your target audience?”

      And where can you find them.

      From what you said, your book is a children book and if so, definitely, children aren’t gonna buy your book. Their mom or their dad are gonna be the one to buy it for them.

      So your target audience might be some particular type of moms.

      And where can you get these moms in large numbers to get your book to them?

      Answer these questions and the rest will be easy.

      There are tons of strategies to sell your book but the one you need will depend on who you wanna reach and target and where you can get them.

      Hope that helps?

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