One of the many dreams that you will have as an author is to sell more books and have the tag – “Best Selling Authors” after your name and that also stamped on your book cover but the reality in today’s noisy self-publishing world is that not many author will have this dream to become a reality.

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How will you feel if as a first time author, your book hit the number one spot on various categories in the Kindle store and also a top spot in a category in the whole of Amazon book store?

This is the story of my guest on this episode of the Authors Crib Podcast.

I had Rachel as a guest on my Passion, Purpose and Profit Podcast and during our discussion, she mentioned her first book – Destination Greatness: Powerful Affirmation, Questions To Take Your Success to a New Height  claiming the top spot in different sub-categories and categories in the Kindle store in the first few weeks of launching the book and I was so poised to have her on the Authors Crib Podcast to share that story and the experience of her becoming an Amazon best seller in just some few days of launching her first book.

One thing you should remember is that the Amazon best-selling spot for books is not a permanent thing and things do change even within hours but once your book has reached hat status, you have the benefit and bragging right of been called an Amazon best seller and taking screenshot for proof of that happening.

Rachel isn’t a full time author as she is a branding strategist, coach and consultant who work with women to build their brand online and if she can achieve this with her first book, then what’s stopping you from doing the same?

Ok, in this episode of the Authors Crib Podcast, we discussed about what happened from A to Z with her book launched and how she walked her way to becoming an Amazon best-selling author in the first week of her book launch and the lessons she picked from that as well as some tips and strategies that can help you achieve the same result with your book launch.


What we discussed on this episode are answers to some questions like:

  • From Launch to Best Seller – How Did It All Began?
  • From Launch To Best Seller – How Did It Happen?
  • How and Where Did She Got Her Book Cover Designed?
  • And After Her Cover Is Ready, What Next?
  • Who Are Her Target Audience For The Book?
  • What Are The Strategies And Tactics She Used To Launch Her Book To A Best Selling Spot In Her Category
  • The Promotion Channels She Used For Launching Her Book
  • Did She Use Any Paid Promotional Ads?
  • Will Facebook Ads Work For Book Marketing?
  • How She Got Review For Her Book
  • Did She Use The KDP Select Free Days Or A 99-Cent Promotional Strategy?

Listen to this episode to get the full gist of the answers to all these question and you can also download the over 2000 words note containing all we discussed in this episode with her step by step guide of how she did achieved the best-selling author status on Amazon by clicking the button above.

What Are The Results Of Her Book Launch After The First Week?

After the first week, there are lots of spikes in book sales and things went that way the second week but after those first few weeks, things began to went a little downhill as there was certainly more promotion during the launch and the weeks following. The hustle and bustle of the holidays also impacted book sales (her book was launched the week before Christmas)

She is not a full time author and her book hit the #1 spot in the Inner Child sub-categories of the Self Help Kindle Category, #4 in the Self Help sub-category of the Kindle Short Reads Category and #1 in the Inner Child sub-category of the Self Help category in the whole Book section of Amazon.


The book also got a best-selling tag on Amazon during those first few weeks of launching.


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Swag Strategy – her website

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