We all have the dream of reaching more of book buyers and having them buy books as an author and that is the only way from which getting lot of book sales will come from.

In Episode 12 of the Authors Crib Podcast, I had an interview with an author Amy Harrop who is also an Udemy instructor and she shares lot of great ideas that you can use as an authors to build more income streams and reach more of your target audience using the power of this great learning platform called Udemy.

But I myself took this a bit further, I created two Udemy courses from two of my self-published books by just turning key ideas from the books into slide presentations using PowerPoint and I used a screen recording software to record myself talking over those slides.

Since this is a sort of experiment to see what potentials Udemy has to offer in terms of building my audience and reaching more of them, I tried lot of stuffs which gave me a tough time having those two courses accepted by the folks at Udemy but after tweaking for quite some number of times and seeing what will work and the stuffs that won’t work, I got my courses accepted some two weeks ago.

But what are the lessons learned from my Udemy experiments?

In this video. I shared with you what lessons I learned from creating two Udemy courses and what opportunities I got from doing that and most importantly, I shared how you can use Udemy to reach more of your target audience and build your author platform thus selling more books with that.

Note that things has got better from the day I recorded this video in terms of the number of people that has enrolled for my Udemy courses and the number of authors who has joined my email list from an announcement I sent some days ago which also tells you and I that Udemy is another email list building channel and a free and easy one at that but there is a caveat here anyway.

 Udemy Has got some strict rules with what you can send to your Udemy students and you should be very careful in sending overly promotional stuffs to your students using the announcement features.

However, when used smartly like I did some days ago, It’s a great way to drive some of your student back into your platform as you practically owned nothing on Udemy and they won’t give you the contact details of your student.

Also, I decided not to share a link to my Udemy courses so as not to screw the result of my experiment. My Udemy experiment is aimed toward building an audience beyond the platform I have right now either on my blog, email list or any of my social media platforms

Useful Resources Mentioned In This Video

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