As an author, your job is to write books, publish them and make something from it but should you be limited to just making money from publishing and selling your books?

Amy Harrop is a writer and author but that’s not the news anyway.

The news is that she is earning more from what she does as an author by teaching what she knows beyond the usual “write and publish a book” path many authors are uses to.

In this episode of the Authors Crib Podcast, I had a discussion with Amy on how you can have create a multiple stream of income from what you do as an author using a great platform called Udemy.

In the age of the Internet, you can often surpass traditional and expensive college and technical courses and learn practically anything online. And if you have a particular expertise in a subject and want to teach others, there is a large variety of online resources you can use to make money by teaching others as well. Udemy is one such example of a popular online teaching and learning site that can be accessed online and from supported mobile devices.

Udemy has over 8,000 free and paid courses on a wide variety of subjects including technology, business, design, arts, photography, humanities, music, and game creation. The site includes a well-designed step-by-step process for creating your own course, which you can publish to Udemy’s growing community of nearly 1 million students and about another million monthly site visitors. Creating a professional online course is similar to authoring a book, which once published, can possibly bring you residual income for years to come.

Udemy provides straightforward tools for posting lectures and assignments in video, audio, presentation and document formats. A typical Udemy course contains 1-3 hours of content, with at least 60% video content. Most courses are priced between $29 and $99, but many are free. Instructors earn 70%-80% of course revenue.


In this episode, I asked Amy how you can leverage this great platform to earns more from your books and here are she you learn from this episode:

  • What are the opportunities available on Udemy for you as an authors to tap in to make more income
  • How to get started with getting your book content into a Udemy course
  • How you can create an income from your books with Udemy if you are a fiction author
  • How you can promote your Udemy course as an author after creating your courses
  • How to use the power of Free Udemy course to build your email list, author platform and reach more of your target book audience
  • Tips and strategies and guidelines to help you become a successful Udemy Instructor as an author
  • How to get your Udemy course accepted

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Now It’s Your Turn

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