In today’s noisy self-publishing world where thousands if not millions of books are been published every day, authors need more than just writing books and being called an author to stand out to be noticed and seen.

Story telling has been a great tool since the Stone Age to communicate among humans as well as for sharing and spreading a message and in today’s online marketing reality, things are not quite different.

Big brands have used story telling as a great marketing tool with success over the years and there are also lot of authors who have used the power of storytelling to build their author brand way beyond what many authors are used to of just being called an author who only write books.

One author who has used the art and science of storytelling is Matthew Turner – The Turn Dog. Matt is really what I can a storyteller and has worked with big brands to use storytelling to spread their branding and marketing message.

I welcomed Matt to the Authors Crib Podcast virtual pub and Matt shares with us lot of great tips on how authors can use the power of storytelling to build an author brand as well as build and audience and sell more books.

I’m super excited to have The Turn Dog on the Show.

(Click The Button Above To Download Matt’s Story Telling Cheat Sheet & Full Episode Note Below)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How he started his writing journey and how he created his author brand – Turn Dog
  • What Is Story Telling and Why Should Authors Care About Story Telling
  • How authors can use storytelling to build a brand and business around what they do
  • How fiction authors can use blogging, social media and podcasting to share their stories to build their author platform and author brand.
  • A breakdown of how Matt is Using Story Telling To Build His Author Brand with blogging, social media, podcasting and email list.
  • The best way authors can use storytelling to market and sell their books.


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